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FortressCraft Evolved Server List - Test

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FortressCracft Server Status
World Name: Test Logical Cores: 8
Description: Processor Speed: 4,008 HMz
Game Mode: Survival Processor Type: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz
World Time Play: 1 second System RAM: 30 GB
Server Start Date: December 31, 1969, 7:00 pm Operating System: Windows
Rush Mode No ServerType: MS-7A12 (MSI)
Resource Rapid
Power Plentiful
Conveyor Fast
Day Eternal Day
Mob Normal Mobs
Death Effect No
Installed Mods - Total (2)
Author Mod Preview
TobMia's Server Freight Viewer
TobMia's Server Motd Broadcaster

Server Player List - Total Players (7)
Admins (1)
Player Permissions Holding Bars
TobMia Admin 158 x | 921 x
Builders (1)
Player Permissions Holding Bars
Compugasm Builder
Spectators (5)
Player Permissions Holding Bars
AimBot Spectator
Assailer Spectator
bmorgan022015 Spectator
Couck Spectator
newcomb7 Spectator

Server Total Inventory Bar
Name Icon Total
Molybdenum Bar 921
Chromium Bar 158
Server Total Inventory Conveyor
Name Icon Total
Conveyor Belt 95
Conveyor Turntable 28
Advanced Conveyor Filter 25
Conveyor Transport Pipe 17
Motorised Conveyor 12
Conveyor(CounterClockwise) 7
Server Total Inventory Hopper
Name Icon Total
Storage Hopper 40
MiniHopper 27
Logistics Hopper 5
Server Total Inventory Laser Energy Transmitter
Name Icon Total
Laser Energy Transmitter MK3 523
Server Total Inventory Machine Block
Name Icon Total
Imbued Machine Block 1,368
Advanced Machine Block 135
Alloyed Machine Block 91
Server Total Inventory Matter Mover
Name Icon Total
Quad Matter Mover 2
Server Total Inventory Power Storage
Name Icon Total
Power Storage MK4 Battery Component 1,410
Power Storage MK3 250
Power Storage Block 1
Server Total Inventory others
Name Icon Total
Construction Paste 309,937
Rack Rail 5,448
Primary Upgrade Module 2,430
Track Straight 1,302
NanoDisintegrator 1,271
Lightweight Machine Housing 934
MK2 Organic Solar Component 791
Conduit 560
Workfloor Excavator MK3 512
Lithium Plate 345
Mass Storage Block 198
Pyrothermic Generator 196
Titanium Housing 188
Polished Chrome Lens 141
Charged Lithium Coils 124
Cargo Lift Controller 76
Iron Gear 73
Servo Motor 72
Casting Pipe (Straight) 69
Overclocked Crystal Clock 49
Freight Cart Station 48
Copper Wire 42
Minecart Turbo Rail 41
Logistics Grommet 37
Wooden Planks 27
Molybdenum Ping 22
Laser Resin Liquifier 21
Exceptional Organic Lens 18
Blank Ore Ping 17
Torch 14
High Energy Composite Fuel 13
Freight Cart Depot 12
Sign 10
Energy Grommet 9
Minecart Load Station 8
Priority Splitter 7
Induction Charger 6
Minecart Unload Station 5
Magnetic Block Assembler 4
Titanium Ore Ping 2
Upgraded Crystal Scanner 1