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Advanced Machine Block

Machine Details

Crafted Block Name Advanced Machine Block
Cube Type 525
Cube Value 0
GUI Texture 15
Category Machine
Crafting component of tier 3 machinery. Can also be used for construction

Production Chain

Total Base Resources (Automation Setup) Producing (1) Unit

Icon Craft Cost Name Craft Cost Amount
Iron Ore 32
Nickel Ore 32
Icon Craft Cost Name Craft Cost Amount
Iron Bar 2
Nickel Bar 2
Crystal Deposit 10

Total Machines For Automation (7) - Beta

Icon Name Count PPS PTS PS Time
Advanced Machine Block Assembler 2 15 100 500 8s
Clock Maker 1 1 100 128 5s
Steel Alloy Smelter 2 50 100 500 9s
Basic Ore Smelter 2 0 0 0 10s
Power / Time Resources 7 66 300 1.1k 32s

Scans Required (2)

Icon Name
Iron Ore
Icon Name
Nickel Ore

Research Required (3)

Icon Name
Metal Alloys
Icon Name
Basic Mining Upgrades I
Icon Name
Crystal Dynamics