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Polished Chrome Lens

Resource Level: Greg

Total Base Resources (Automation Setup) Producing (1) Unit

Icon Craft Cost Name Craft Cost Amount
Chromium Ore 256
Icon Craft Cost Name Craft Cost Amount
Chromium Bar 4

Total Intermediate (Automation Setup) Producing (1) Unit

Icon Craft Cost Name Craft Cost Amount
Crude Organic Lens 1
Diamond Crystal 1
Diamond Focusing Lens 1
Emerald Crystal 1
Emerald Focusing Lens 1
Exceptional Organic Lens 1
Massive Faceted Eye 1
Organic Lens 1
Perfect Faceted Eye 1
Pristine Faceted Eye 1
Recombined Organic Matter 120
Ruby Crystal 1
Ruby Focusing Lens 1
Ruined Faceted Eye 1,200
Ruined Heavy Chitin 1,200
Ruined Light Chitin 1,200
Ruined Phosphorescent Gland 1,200
Ruined Stinger 1,200
Sapphire Crystal 1
Sapphire Focusing Lens 1
Sugalite Crystal 1
Sugalite Focusing Lens 1
Topaz Crystal 1
Topaz Focusing Lens 1
Unfocused Polished Lens 1

Total Machines For Automation (23) - Beta

Icon Name Count PPS PTS PS Time
Lens Chromer 2 64 1k 640 5m
Lens Polisher 9 64 1k 640 5m
Manufacturing Plant 12 32 32 32 10s
3 Power / Time Resources 23 160 2.1k 1.3k 10m 10s

Scans Required (8)

Icon Name
Chromium Ore
Icon Name
Diamond Crystal
Icon Name
Emerald Crystal
Icon Name
Ruby Crystal
Icon Name
Sapphire Crystal
Icon Name
Topaz Crystal
Icon Name
Sugalite Crystal
Icon Name
Lens Polisher

Research Required (7)

Icon Name
Advanced Crystal Dynamics
Icon Name
Geothermal Power
Icon Name
Upgraded Power Grid
Icon Name
Local Life Forms
Icon Name
Anthropological Osteology
Icon Name
Cryogenics Research
Icon Name
Large Scale Vein Extraction

Used in the Crafting of (8)

Icon Name
Bulk Robotic Sorter
Icon Name
Icon Name
Cryo Bomb Assembler
Icon Name
CryoPlasm 'Dazzler' Turret
Icon Name
CryoPlasm Lancer
Icon Name
CryoPlasm Melter
Icon Name
Icon Name
Tour Cart