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Laboratory Research

This guide is for research projects which require the use of the laboratory. For more information on research in general please visit the research station help entry.

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Starting Projects

Open the laboratory control panel by interacting with the machine (default 'E') and ensure you are in 'Experiment' mode. The selected project will be listed first followed by its requirements and any eligible projects below it. To select a new project click it and its requirements will be displayed. Click 'Start Project' to begin research.

Supplying Project Requirements

Projects typically require one or more types of experimentation pods. The exact requirements will be listed with the project. These should be placed in a storage hopper attached to any side of the laboratory. If you wish to automate delivery of pods then you should consider using a separate hopper for each type to ensure availability of any pod type.

For more information on creating experimentation pods please read the following guide.

Experimental Pods