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AI Mover Control

Machine Details

Crafted Block Name AI Mover Control
Cube Type 510
Cube Value 0
GUI Texture Index 193
Top Texture 193
Side Texture 193
Bottom Texture 193
Category Machine
Creates a single AI robot. Moves ore between Hoppers. Low effort, low efficiency.

Production Chain

Total Base Resources (Automation Setup) Producing (1) Unit

Icon Craft Cost Name Craft Cost Amount
Copper Ore 240
Icon Craft Cost Name Craft Cost Amount
Copper Bar 15

Total Machines For Automation (2) - Beta

Icon Name Count PPS PTS PS Time
Manufacturing Plant 1 32 32 32 10s
Basic Ore Smelter 1 0 0 0 10s
2 Power / Time Resources 2 32 32 32 20s

Scans Required (1)

Icon Name
Copper Ore

Research Required (2)

Icon Name
Icon Name
Basic Mining Upgrades I