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Handbook Entry

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Chromuim Ore

Chromium Ore is found below the Toxic Caverns. As you go deeper the richness of the veins will increase. It can be mined by the Build Gun MK3, the Hard Rock Grinder and Trencher Extractors.

The first stages of Ore smelting can be done with standard Ore Smelters. Chromium Ore requires the "Arc Smelter" upgrade to be processed by Ore Smelters as it requires higher melting temperatures than normal. Later, when throughput is valued over efficiency, a Blast Furnace setup is strongly recommended.

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Short Facts

Occurrence:-700 to -2500m
Ping Color:Magenta
1st Stage of Extraction:Build Gun MK3
2nd Stage of Extraction:Hard rock grinder
3rd Stage of Extraction:Trencher Extractor MK1-MK3
1st Stage of Smelting:Ore Smelter with "Arc Smelter" upgrade
2nd Stage of Smelting: